Feng Shui Connections’ mission is to empower you to bring more beauty, joy and prosperity to yourself, your home, your business and the world. Drawing on the universal principles of feng shui, chi flow, quantum physics, energy, building biology, intuition and manifestation, we help you to CREATE Your Success, inside and out, by shifting your energy as well as that of your home and workplace. As you balance and strengthen your mind, body and spirit, you engage with the energy of your space and step more fully into your power while bringing more meaning and purpose to your life.

Peg Donahue is a certified Feng Shui and Building Biology consultant, Dream Coach®, and EF&H Practitioner. She works with you to achieve your dreams and goals through feng shui consultations for your home or business, Fashion Feng Shui® consultations, EMF (electromagnetic frequency) assessments, coaching, personal energy and space clearings, Emotional Freedom & Healing acupressure tapping, and I Ching readings. To learn more simply browse this website. Contact Peg Donahue at 603 537-9954 or send your inquiry to peg@fengshuiconnections.com.

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What Is Feng Shui?

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