Feng Shui Connections is a conscious, continually evolving and environmentally focused company specializing in self empowerment through Feng Shui for the home, office and business. Services available in Bedford, Salem, Windham, Silver Lake, NH and surrounding areas. Drawing on the universal principles of feng shui, chi flow, quantum physics, energy, Bau-BiologieTM, intuition and manifestation, we help you adjust the energy of your home and workplace. We provide electromagnetic frequency (EMF) evaluations for your home and office, and also teach you how to clear, strengthen and balance your mind, body and spirit to align with your space and create a life you love through Chi Flow, I Ching Readings and personal mentoring. To learn more simply browse this website. Contact Peg Donahue at 603 537-9954 or send your inquiry to peg@fengshuiconnections.com