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Feng Shui Connections’ mission is to empower you to bring more beauty, joy and prosperity to yourself, your home, your business and the world. Drawing on the universal principles of feng shui, chi flow, quantum physics, energy, building biology, intuition and manifestation, we help you to CREATE Your Success, inside and out, by shifting your energy as well as that of your home and workplace. As you balance and strengthen your mind, body and spirit, you engage with the energy of your space and step more fully into your power while bringing more meaning and purpose to your life.


Grow your business with business consultant and feng shui guru Peg, Donahue. Her time tested methods are guaranteed to get you results.

grow your business with business feng shui services

Create a healthy and supportive home environment. Peg can help you get back on track and adjust to recent life changes.

create a healthy and supportive home with residential feng shui services

There are many forms and styles of Life Coaching. The Dream Coach® Model is a proven approach.

Success Manifesto

The brand new book, featuring chapters from Madeline Gerwick, Brian Tracey and Myself is already a best-seller! Buy on my online store or order from amazon.
*Note that are several different covers, but all are the same book.

Action is the foundational key to all success. ~ Pablo Picasso What does it take to succeed? How can I succeed? These are the questions that have been asked over the years. One method of learning more is to review the Success…

About Margaret Donahue

Hello! I’m Margaret Donahue. Peg, to most people. My work is about empowering YOU to live an authentic life. I love to learn, teach, write and stay on top of what’s working and what’s not. Science is rapidly catching up to what many of us have known for years: that our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions and reactions impact what happens in our lives and that each one of us makes choices about this every day. I am thrilled when my clients have a breakthrough and figure out how to consistently achieve desired results.

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