2018: The Year of the Earth Dog

brown dogOnce a year we provide an update for the traditional system of feng shui. If you follow traditional feng shui, or you’re familiar with it, the following synopsis may interest you.

If you’re not familiar and you’re curious about how to apply this system to your home or business, contact Peg.

If you’re lost or confused, just stick with the Western approach to feng shui. It’s the typical focus of the monthly newsletter. Both systems work well. Some people prefer one over the other. Peg works with both.

The year of the yang Earth Dog began on February 16th, the Chinese Lunar New Year. In traditional feng shui, we have two factors to take into consideration: the animal year and the annual Lo Shu number. The animal year refers to things that influence you on a personal level. The annual Lo Shu number refers to energetic influences located in specific areas (compass directions) of your home, office and garden. The lo shu number for 2018 is 9.

The Dog is an Earth animal; thus, we have double Earth energy this year. This could lead to more harmony as well as more earthquakes and earth activities such as landslides. The Dog is compatible with the Tiger, Rabbit and Horse. The Dog clashes with the Dragon, Sheep and Rooster. People born in these years may feel drained by Dog energy in 2018.

The year you were born is only the “tip of the iceberg” for information and insights into your personal chart. A Four Pillar analysis provides you a much deeper view into yourself, your cycles and the elements that can benefit you. The animal year represents a general influence.

We last experienced similar energies 60 years ago, in 1958.

The Dog has hidden yin Fire and yin Metal attributes, bringing warmth and directness. Dog qualities include: likeability, intelligence, honesty, tenacity, and stability. Dogs are also resourceful and provide protection and companionship. The hidden fire and metal may bring unpredictability and some conflict.

The Flying Stars influence the energy in your house. Working from a position of strength, you can positively influence the type of year you have, by neutralizing the negative stars and enhancing the positive stars. The negative stars are numbers 2, 3, 5 and 7. The positive stars are numbers 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9.

During 2018, Pay attention to the North, NW, SE and West sectors.

  • The Annual 5 Star is in the North sector.
  • The Grand Duke (Tai Su) is in the NW, the sector of the Dog.
  • The Three Killings is in the North and first sector of the NE (Ox).
  • Sui Po is in the SE, the sector of the Dragon.
  • The 2 Illness Star is in the West.

Annual Five Star in the North

  • Metal keeps this in check. Omit Fire and red.
  • Omit noisy activities or remodeling here this year.
  • Disturbances can bring disaster, sickness, lawsuits, major financial loss.
  • Place Metal and the Salt Water cure in the North sector this year.
  • Six-rod wind chimes are excellent.

The Grand Duke (Tai Sui) is in the NW (292.50 – 307.50)

  • Confronting the Grand Duke can cause obstacles, defeat, demotion and loss.
  • Sit with your back to this sector for support.
  • Don’t disturb the ground in NW. Six-rod metal wind chimes are the cure if you
  • work here.
  • Don’t sit facing the 292.50 – 307.50 sector in your office.
  • The traditional cure is to place a dragon headed tortoise (Pi Yao) in the opposite sector of your home of office, facing the Grand Duke.
  • Take an accurate reading from the middle of your home to get the 150

The Three Killings is in the North and NE (322.5-37.5)

  • Omit big, noisy renovations or re-decorative work this year.
  • Omit major outside groundwork: digging holes, foundation work, noisy equipment
  • Disturbances can bring about financial problems, illness, and disagreements.
  • Don’t sit with your back to this direction.
  • It’s better to face this direction, if it is one of your best personal directions.
  • A six-rod metal wind chime, 6-coins, and a salt water cure are excellent additions.
  • If your front door faces this sector place a pair of Fu dogs or temple lions just inside the house as protective guardians.

The Sui Po “Annual Affliction” resides opposite the Grand Duke in the SE (122.50 127.50)

  • This is the sector of the Dragon.
  • Omit big, noisy renovations or re-decorative work this year.
  • Omit major outside groundwork: digging holes, foundation work, noisy equipment
  • Place a six-rod metal wind chime if you need to do outside work here.

Adjust Front Doors where stars 2 (Metal/West), 3 (Earth/NE), 5 (Water/North), or 7 (Wood/East) “Fly In.” Hang a bagua mirror outside the house above the front door and other round metal objects inside front door. Toss the bagua mirror out at the end of the year.

Cleanse Last Year’s Cures

  • You can cleanse last year’s cures under a full moon or in four hours of direct sunlight. Sprinkle with salt and let them soak up the moonshine or sunshine. Then rinse under water and place in the appropriate areas.
  • Toss all old Salt Water cures; replace in the 5 and 2 Star sectors (North, West).
  • Toss out Bagua Mirrors used as an annual cure.


Click on the link for a more detailed Flying Star Summary that you can print: http://www.fengshuiconnections.com/attachments-may-print/

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