Make the Most of this Mercury Retrograde Cycle!

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digital storageI’ve come to love Mercury retrograde cycles. I think of them as a universal check and balance system. They provide an opportunity to pause, to reflect, and to re-do or fine-tune things. It’s a period to stop pushing forward and to slow down. Used well, each three-week period can be a welcome reprieve from today’s fast-paced and over-scheduled world.

I’m going to use this cycle to get a better handle on my digital files and tools. This means:


  • Cleaning out junk mail.
  • Saving or capturing what I want.
  • Deleting what I don’t need.
  • Organizing remaining emails into files to easily find them.


  • Delete the excess and multiple copies.
  • Organize the remainder into files.
  • Label or tag them for easier searches.


  • Delete what I don’t need.
  • Re-categorize any that could be found more easily.

Mobile Phone

  • Review my Apps.
  • Delete what I don’t use.
  • Reorganize how they are stored … put like Apps together.

The Cloud

  • Take better advantage of it.
  • Store documents that I may want to access from the mobile world.
  • Have safe access to passwords.


Two of my goals are to consume a smaller footprint on the planet while experiencing more of what life has to offer. As I do, I’m realizing that digital storage and retrieval offer more flexibility and possibilities than I’m using. The digital world provides more options while taking up less space. To minimize risk, we can add checks and balances.

I saw a great example of this last year when my husband uploaded over 1,400 CDs to the Cloud. He has access to the music without needing to store the physical CDs. Instantly we created more space for ourselves.

The above tasks will require more time than I’ll put in during this Mercury Retrograde cycle. At minimum, I’ll get started and make headway.

What are your goals for this cycle? What would you like to accomplish? It’s time to get started!

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