Mercury Retrograde March 22 through April 15

mercuryThree to four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to back up in the sky for about three weeks at a time. It doesn’t really back up, it just seems that way.

Mercury influences communications of all sorts: conversations, written communications, contracts and agreements, your thoughts and words. Mercury also influences technology, such as computers and your various technological devices, include your cars and vehicles.

During this period, it’s easy for things to go awry:

  • People are misunderstood and misunderstand one another.
  • Details are overlooked or missed in contracts.
  • Typos and errors are more likely.
  • There are more accidents and mishaps.
  • Faulty assumptions are made.
  • Things may not be as they seem.

If you’re aware of this, you can easily and successfully navigate each Mercury retrograde. There’s nothing to worry about as long as you avoid buying a car or vehicle, hold off on computer and electronics purchases, don’t close on a house, don’t sign a contract (include marriage).

Sometimes life doesn’t neatly fit into the patterns of the stars and you find yourself in a bind. What do you do then? Select the best date you can. I’ve been using Madeline Gerwick’s annual The Good Timing Guide™ for years and I recommend that you do too.

If you use The Good Timing Guide™, select a day with green on the top line. These are “good results day” and you’re likely to have a better outcome of important actions taken on such days. The Good Timing Guide is also available as an app for your mobile phone. This is an easy way to carry it with you each day.

Mercury retrograde cycles are wonderful periods to catch up! Many “re” words are great activities for mercury retrograde: review, renew, rejuvenate, re-do, renovate, reflect, rehash, reduce, refinish, rehearse, reply (carefully!) relax, relieve, relinquish, replace, replant, resolve, restate, retain, retreat, return.

The Mercury Retrograde cycles for 2018 are:

  • Mar 22 – Apr 15, 2018
  • Jul 26 – Aug 18, 2018
  • Nov 16 – Dec 6, 2018


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