Office Feng Shui Tip: Clear Clutter to Strengthen Creativity and Problem-Solving

sad woman trapped in a mountain of paperworkThe front-left corners of your business or work place, your office, and even your desk represent the feng shui Knowledge and Personal Development gua. Give extra attention to these areas this month to activate or deepen self-study, creativity, and problem solving.

If problem solving at work needs improvement, schedule a paper-tossing and clutter-clearing day. This can happen whether you work by yourself or with others.

Years ago, this happened at a company I worked for. It was part of a quality-improvement program. A day was set aside and all regular work stopped. We were required to toss out at least one third of all paper. This was long before digital files took over and the dream of a paperless office still existed.

The company delivered extra-large trash cans to all areas of the company and clutter-clearing took over. Everyone participated and pitched in to lighten things up. Reams of excess computer printouts, type-written papers, multiple files, magazines, and paper of all sorts, were tossed out. The amount of trash discarded exceeded expectations.

Giving yourself and employees permission and time to clear stuck energy is very liberating. Looking back, I can see how creativity and problem resolution increased throughout the company after this event. Clearing the excess also had a positive impact on profits as well.

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