Feng Shui and Health

Stones and flower in waterThe feng shui bagua is a tool that provides information about many patterns in your life. Two such patterns relate to your health. When you’re familiar with the areas of your space that relate to body parts as well as organ networks, it’s helpful to look for relationships between your space and health.

Plumbing and electrical problems have long been equated with finances and health. Did you also know that cloudy windows are associated with your vision and your outlook on life (Fame)? Anxiety and fear about your work (Career) may result in hearing problems. Troubled relationships within your family (Family) may show up in problems with your feet. Broken furniture, disarray or clutter in the front right area of your space may correlate to headaches, migraines or other problems with your head or brain (Helpful People). Carrying too much responsibility can weigh heavy on your back and shoulders, resulting in chronic pain (Knowledge). These are just a few patterns that emerge in spaces. There are many more.

When you clear your clutter, repair anything that’s broken, and clean up and refresh your space you might also find that easy solutions also show up related to your health. Such manifestations might include the problem resolving itself, an easy answer coming to you, resources such as a new doctor or practitioner showing up, or even a service or appointment costing you less than you expect.

The Feng Shui Bagua, Relating to Health

Feng Shui Bagua Map for Health


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