Waking Up in 5D

Waking Up in 5DLast month my colleague and friend, Maureen St Germain, published her latest book, Waking Up in 5D. In my opinion this is a “must-read” for everyone who is focused on living in joy, love and ease. 5D or the “fifth dimension” is the realm of multi-dimensional thinking and heavenly energy. This book provides a wealth of information about how to live in the 5th dimension (vs. the third dimension of time and space), recognize what you need to do to get there and stay there, and how to relate to others who aren’t yet there. 4D is a bridge between 3D and 5D.

3D, which we’re quite familiar with, is the realm of linear thinking, limitations, polarization of good vs. evil, a world of emotions that keep you trapped such as anger, disappointment, judgment, resentment, helplessness, desperation and loss, despair, shame and overwhelm. The 3D world is one with a narrow focus.

5D is a world of observation, compassion, purpose, possibilities, understanding, courage, empowerment, freedom, joy and playfulness, love, self-worth and acceptance. In the 5D world you’ll find yourself exploring more possibilities, multiple viewpoints and a variety of solutions.

Chances are you’ve already experienced the 5D world. Recall a recent memorable and uplifting experience where things went very smoothly, there was lots of synchronicity and interactions were harmonious. A situation where you felt very happy. For me, it was the process of selling our home of 32 years.

It sold within days of putting it on the market and the process was smooth and fast. It was a whirlwind period. Every challenge was quickly met with a solution within easy reach. My husband and I were even able to take a short vacation, with confidence, days before we closed. At the closing, the Title company and the real estate agents commented on how easy our transaction was. We rode a wave of good energy from beginning to end.

For the next few months, I’ll post a perspective from Waking Up in 5D to help you become more familiar with this world. The book provides tools and teachings to guide you. It also provides exercises to protect your energies and meditations to open you to higher frequencies. This month’s excerpt is below.


How Do You Know When You’re in 5th Dimension?

In fifth dimension you don’t really care about anything, including yourself. It’s not apathy; it’s a level of compassion that requires nothing from you yet allows you to be present and loving toward everything. You are clear that your needs will be met with grace and ease, and you don’t need to take sides or race to get ahead of someone else! This is one of the many ironies of the fifth dimension compared to third. You don’t care if people don’t like you, and you don’t care if you are different. You do have compassion. You do care about people, but not to the point that it holds you back or locks you into something that isn’t a fit for you.

You know you are in fifth dimension because you are honest and kind and it’s easy to be honest in a kindhearted way. You don’t hide little things or big things to protect yourself or someone else. You find it easy to feel compassion for yourself and others. You admit your mistakes since, yes, you can still inadvertently hurt someone. You see the humor in difficult situations. You may even notice you’re responding with kindness and empathy toward others, even when you weren’t expecting or planning to do so.

How can you tell if other people are in fifth dimension? They will be fun, funny, irreverent, joyful, loving, and peaceful. You will be able to tell because they understand (everything) and are pleasant even when things go awry. They are patient and kind. They can still have a standard and be firm but never angry or hurtful.

Excerpt from “WAKING UP in 5D” by Maureen St. Germain.

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