I Ching Guidance for the week of May 14, 2017

Contemplating Changes to Stagnation

Water and Plant cycleThe May 14, 2017 I Ching answer to the question: “What do I need to know this week for my highest good?” is hexagram 20 Contemplation changing to hexagram 12 Stagnation. Hexagram 20, Contemplation, is for the present while hexagram 12, Stagnation, relates to sometime in the future. The fourth line from the bottom changes, yielding the second hexagram.


Hexagram 20: Contemplation

I Ching Hexagram 20Hexagram 20 Contemplation, results from the trigram Wind sitting above the trigram Earth.

This is a week to pause and reflect. Are you happy and does your life suit you? If so, continue your path. If you have mixed results or you’ve been experiencing extremes, this is a time to consider adjustments to either fine-tune or significantly change your journey. A daily meditation can do wonders to bring about a shift, if you allow it.

A friend of mine is going through a very challenging period. She often expresses sadness, disappointment, frustration and anger toward her parents and others close to her. She doesn’t realize that the people in her life reflect her deeply held feelings about herself. She feels that people don’t treat her with respect and that they don’t care about she genuinely feels. Her outwards actions mimic what she is receiving, like a boomerang. What she fails to see is her role in this.

Sincere contemplation can help you be an observer of your life. As you do this, you might view your life as an ongoing drama from a third person perspective. See yourself and others as players on a large stage. Suspend judgment as you watch the play unfold. If you don’t like what’s happening, change the story and insert a new script. Now watch the new script unfold. This exercise can help you to make powerful shifts that change your course. It’s a powerful way to redirect your life.


Hexagram 12: Stagnation

I Ching Hexagram 12Hexagram 12 Stagnation is the result of the trigram Heaven sitting atop the trigram Earth.

In this hexagram, Heaven and Earth are going separate ways. They are not interacting. As a result, communication breaks down and things come to a halt. This is the position my friend in the previous story is in. She and her parents, all adults living in the same house, are at an impasse. There is no interaction and growth has stopped.

Each of the people in my friend’s family are standing firm in their principles and values. From an observer’s perspective, the problem is that each person feels that they are right and the other person is wrong. Each person wants someone else to change to their liking, rather than allowing each person to “be” however they are. They fail to see that you cannot change other people. You can only change yourself and your perspective about others. Their relationships will continue to degrade or disintegrate until one of them makes a shift and changes from within.

Detaching from the situation, observing your part in what’s happening and coming to a neutral point is an effective way to move forward again.



Current Feng Shui Perspective

Three areas of your home or work space correlate to this week’s I Ching reading: Wind, Earth and Heaven. Wind is the back left of your space, Earth is the Center as well as the left-front and back-right corners, and Heaven is the front-right. If you take your floor plan and draw an X from corner to corner, you cover these areas.

Wind is the area associated with Prosperity and Blessings. Earth relates to Self-Knowledge and Relationships with others, including your mother and the mothers in your life. Heaven is the area associated with fathers and the right people and resources showing up at the right time. When you are in alignment with the cosmos you might experience a lot of synchronicity. This is a sign that things are on track.

This week you may feel more inclined to let go of things you no longer use or need. Releasing clutter and excess from any of these areas will lighten your space as well as your life.



This week’s message is a reminder of seasonality and the cycles of time. Life is a continuous ebb and flow of energies and patterns. It’s most comfortable to live in the wide path of the middle vs. living life on the edges. After being in an expansive cycle, the energies are contracting a bit. It’s a time to pull in and reflect on what’s happening before charging forth with renewed energy. This aligns well with the moon approaching a third quarter waning phase. When we live in alignment with the cycles of nature, life unfolds more easily. Take a “breather” from pushing forth and have a reflective week. Consider what you want most from life and the best ways to manifest it. Life is meant to be easy and joyful.

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