I Ching Guidance for the week of May 7, 2017

Insight Changes to The Source

I Ching May 7The May 7, 2017 I Ching answer to the question: “What do I need to know this week for my highest good?” is hexagram 61 Insight changing to hexagram 48 The Source. Hexagram 61, Insight, is for the present while hexagram 48, The Source, relates to sometime in the future. The first, third and sixth lines from the bottom change, yielding the second hexagram.


Hexagram 61: Insight

I Ching Hexagram 61Hexagram 61 Insight, results from the trigram Wind sitting above the trigram Lake. This hexagram is about the cosmic truth. The Wind provides the energy for looking deep into the Lake. This is a time to look inward and reflect on the situation as you keep an open mind. As you do, insight about the problem and solution will come to you with ease.

Insight is the result of developing your inner vision that emerges from correct character and a deep inner strength. This hexagram is a reminder to practice being objective. A good way to do this is to suspend judgment and adopt an attitude of acceptance about the way things are, as you put yourself in another’s position or shoes.

This is a favorable time to lead with vision as you develop rapport with others. A natural accord with the cosmos is enhanced.


Hexagram 48: The Source

I Ching Hexagram 48Hexagram 48 The Source is the result of the trigram Water sitting atop the trigram Wind. The energies of Wind and Water also characterize feng shui. A key principle is that The Source runs deep and is inexhaustible. It also holds the collective truth. This hexagram is a reminder to look deep into The Source and to draw from The Source for answers … in all aspects of your life. If you are working with others, look to The Source for guidance and inspiration.


Current Feng Shui Perspective

From a feng shui perspective, your space mirrors your inner self. Look deep into your space and observe that patterns. What are the messages? If you’re uncertain, take photos of your space and observe them objectively, as if they were someone else’s. What do you notice? Is anything calling out for attention?

Three areas of your home or work space correlate to this week’s I Ching reading: Wind, Lake and Water. Wind is the back left of your space. This is the area associated with Prosperity and Blessings. Lake is the center-right; this is the area known as Children and Joy. It relates to what you give birth to as well as the future. Water is the center front of your space. It relates to your opportunities in life as well as your Career. Do any of these areas need attention in your home or workspace?

Clearing clutter is a great way to activate chi and get things moving along for you. Giving the back-left of your space extra attention correlates well with the May 10 full moon in Scorpio. The Scorpio full moon is associated with money, wealth and blessings. It is a favorable time for manifestation.



This week’s hexagrams indicate that you’re in alignment with cosmic energies as you go deeper to draw inspiration and answers. Continuing to develop your character and doing the right thing keeps you in alignment with The Source.

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