I Ching Guidance for the week of April 30, 2017

Completion Changes to Prospering

The April 30, 2017 I Ching answer to the question: “What do I need to know this week for my highest good?” is hexagram 63 After the End (or Completion) changing to hexagram 11 Prospering. Hexagram 63, After the End, is for the present while hexagram 11, Prospering, relates to sometime in the future. The second and fifth lines from the bottom change, yielding the second hexagram.


Hexagram 63: After the End or Completion

I Ching Hexagram 63Hexagram 63 After the End, results from the trigram Water sitting above the Fire trigram. Water and Fire are opposite energies. Water extinguishes Fire and Fire depletes Water. They keep each other in check.

This hexagram reflects the end or completion of one phase and the beginning of another. Be sincere in all you do. Reflect on what has ended (or is ending) from a neutral position prior to moving ahead with a new venture.

This week, a Mercury Retrograde cycle ends. Things that went awry over the past few weeks may come up for review and correction after Mercury goes direct.


Hexagram 11: Prospering

I Ching Hexagram 11Hexagram 11 Prospering is the result of the trigram Earth sitting atop the trigram Heaven. Earth and Heave are also opposite energies and represent equilibrium. Together, they create balance and ideal support for new beginnings and growth, as in spring.

This hexagram represents a peaceful time. Adjusting one’s attitude about events in the outer world can result in inner calm. Rather than be torn apart by forces you can’t control, adopting a broader perspective about the outer world can help you to thrive and prosper even during chaotic times.

Peace of mind is a necessary component of success and prosperity.



Current Feng Shui Perspective

From a feng shui perspective, four areas of your home or work space correlate to this week’s I Ching reading: Water, Fire, Earth and Heaven. Interestingly, these are two sets of opposites and together they represent large areas of your home and/or workspace.

Water is the center front of your space and Fire is the center back. In the feng shui bagua, Water relates to Career and Fire relates to Fame, or how you are known, including your reputation and integrity.

There are three areas in each space that relate to Earth. They run diagonally through the Center from lower left to upper right. The associated bagua life issues are Knowledge (front left) and Relationships, Partnerships and Marriage (back right). The Center relates to overall well-being.

Heaven is the final area that emerges from this week’s hexagrams. Heaven is the front right corner of your space and it relates to the Helpful People in your life.

This week, the front two-thirds of your space, along with the center back, are reflected in this week’s reading. In preparation for an upcoming move, I’ve accelerated a clearing out process. I cleared a large part of my basement over the weekend that touches on these areas.

From a feng shui perspective, basements represent your subconscious. When you clear out accumulated clutter, clarity emerges.



We are in changing times on many levels. In your own life, reflect on what is ending as well as what is waiting to emerge. Notice the energy in your space, particularly the front two-thirds of your home and/or office. Is there anything you can remove, repair or shift that represents one phase ending and another beginning?

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