I Ching Guidance for the week of July 16, 2017

Creative Power

The July 16, 2017 I Ching answer to the question: “What do I need to know this week for my highest good?” is hexagram 1 Creative Power. There are no changing lines.


Hexagram 1: Creative Power

Hexagram 1 Creative Power is the result of double Heaven trigrams: Heaven sits atop Heaven.

Double heaven, the full force of yang energy, is a strong, powerful answer to this week’s question.

Your efforts are supported by the full force of heavenly energy this week. Family, friends and business associates are likely to look to you for leadership and guidance. Be deliberate as you eliminate distractions, cast off interference and move toward your goals. The key is to be open to Higher Power as you take “right action” and conduct yourself properly. Be humble, gracious, accepting, patient, tolerant, gentle and responsive. Anything less will erode the exceptional outpouring of energy that is available to you.


Current Feng Shui Perspective

From a feng shui perspective, Heaven is the area to address this week. Heaven is associated with helpful people and travel. It’s the front-right corner of your home, every room in your home, workspace and land. This week’s third quarter moon is a very supportive cycle to let go of clutter and things you no longer need or use. They bog you down and immobilize you. Releasing the excess is very freeing. If you have a lot of clutter, let go of at least one bag each week. Any size is fine. Taking action is what matters.



Exceptional progress is in order this week. Attention to truth brings rewards.

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