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2017 has been an unusual year. Could it be that the craziness we’ve experienced is coming up because it needs to be healed? We know that whatever we focus on we strengthen and empower. The more that negativity is emphasized, the further it develops and grows. Removing your focus helps to reduce and eliminate it.


Release Judgment

In her new book, Waking Up in 5D, Maureen St. Germain recommends releasing judgment. You can replace it with the question “What’s going on?” to gain insight, clarity and answers. “What’s going on?” is a broad question that doesn’t assume you know the answer. It allows for many possibilities.

The third dimension is the world of polarity, of time and space. Time is a construct for how things operate on planet Earth. According to Maureen, the fifth dimension (5D) is a vibrational matrix that you evolve to that gives you access to higher dimensionality. It’s a process and an approach for living rather than a place you go.

As you heal your wounds and omit judgment (of yourself and others), you become more become proactive and life is easier. You can eliminate judgment by allowing everyone to be as they are right now. You release scorekeeping along with forgiveness, because there’s nothing to forgive. People and things aren’t right or wrong, they simply “are.”

Here’s an excerpt about judgment from page 103:

Why doesn’t the fifth-dimensional energy need to judge? It does not need to be validated for loss or pain. Instead, it responds to loss with acceptance, knowing that loss and gain are two sides of an experience of limitation. The 5D self acknowledges that life is a dance of experiences and lets happiness reign. In 5D, validation for existence is constant; this is your God connection. This constant of being fully plugged into self awareness of the whole, the self-awareness of God, is so fulfilling that initially you will be content to experience just this. Soon enough you’ll want to move into creation again. This may be mind boggling to you now, but once you’ve experienced this, you will be able to recognize it.

The 5D world provides a framework for navigating each day more easily. It’s about being aware of restrictions you place on yourself and living from a level of higher consciousness. Do so, enables you to step away from the many daily frustrations and annoyances and broaden your horizons. It’s a choice you can make.


Blog Talk Radio Interview

Maureen’s interview with Dr. Carol Francis on Blog Talk Radio is worth your time to listen. At the end Maureen and Dr. Carol have a lively exchange about politics. Maureen says that that way out of this is to replace judgment with love.

Click to listen the radio interview.


Divine Government Meditation

Our government needs your help! You can help by sending those in government prayers and blessings rather than criticism and judgment. Doing so will help to shift the focus and bring peace to the world. Maureen St. Germain’s eight-minute Divine Government meditation is a great way to begin. Listen to the meditation.

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