Your Perfect Front Door Color – A Feng Shui Guide

Purple Front Door

Your front door is the most important aspect of feng shui.  It represents the entry to your home and therefore your life.

Front door colors support your house when they’re energetically in alignment with the direction your house faces as you look out from the front entrance. This is called the facing direction.


Finding Your Alignment

How does your door get into alignment energetically? First you need to know which direction your door faces. To be accurate, take the compass direction from the inside looking out. I typically place a compass against the front door or open the door and stand in front facing out toward the yard or street.

I recommend that you take a reading three times. Jot down the compass points each time and average the three readings. Compasses can be sensitive, particularly if you use a digital compass or get a reading from your phone or other mobile device. Averaging your readings will provide you more accuracy.

Metal distorts compass measures. If your front door (or screen or storm door) is metal do not place the compass directly on the door. Step forward or back away from the door being careful to face forward in the same direction as the door. Avoid placing your compass near nails or screws, for the same reason. Step away from the nail or screw and take the reading nearby being careful to face the same way as you look out.


Your Supportive Front Door Colors

For feng shui support, the color of your front door should reflect the element of the facing direction or represent the element that supports the facing direction. See the chart below for a quick reference. (If you’re reading via a mobile device, you may need to scroll from left to right to see the entire five columns.)

Compass Direction Front Door Faces Primary Element Supportive Element Beneficial Colors
337.5 – 22.5 North Water Metal Black, Deep Blue, White, Gray, Gold, Silver, any Metallic color
22.5 – 67.5 NE Earth Fire Red, Yellow, Terracotta, Light Brown
67.5 – 112.5 East Wood Water Green, Blue, Turquoise, Deep Brown, Black
112.5 – 157.5 SE Wood Water Purple, Green, Blue, Deep Brown, Black
157.5 – 202.5 South Fire Wood Red, Pink, Orange, Bright Yellow, Green
202.5 – 247.5 SW Earth Fire Warm Yellow, Light Brown, Pink, Red
247.5 – 292.5 West Metal Earth White, Pastels, Gray, Gold, Silver, any Metallic color, Yellow, Light Brown
292.5 – 337.5 NW Metal Earth White, Pastels, Gray, Gold, Silver, any Metallic color, Yellow, Light Brown

As you select a color for your front door, make sure it’s a color that pleases you. If you select a great feng shui color that happens to be one you don’t like, what do you think will happen? As you pull up to your house each day you’ll be emitting the message “I don’t like that color.” This will drag your energy down. On a subtle energy level, this is a form of self-sabotage. You’ll pull yourself and your energy down. You’ll be likely to encounter more obstacles in your path each day and you won’t know why.

Your front door represents an energetic path to your life. Creating a front door that pleases you is a great first step to bringing positive energy to your home and your life each day.

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