August Feng Shui Forecast

August 7: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse (Aquarius)

August 12: Mercury Retrograde through September 5th

August 21: New Moon and Solar Eclipse (Leo) … Children & Joy Area


Energize Children & Joy

As last month, Children and Joy is the area to work with this month, since both the July and August 21 new moons fall in the sign of Leo. This is the center-right sector when you divide your space into a grid of nine blocks like a tic tac toe board. This is also a reminder to take a light-hearted approach and create more time for fun and play.

Look over your Children and Joy areas … are any parts cluttered or in disarray? If so, what steps can you take to improve them? Check to see if everything is in proper working order … doors, windows, electric, plumbing, your furnishings?

If the windows haven’t been washed in some time, doing so may bring more visibility to you and your life. You might see things in a new way or ideas may surface that you hadn’t previously considered.

Vacuuming deep into the corners both high and low removes dust, debris and cobwebs in addition to shifting the chi of the space.

Plumbing and electrical problems can manifest as slow drains on your finances and health. The day a plumbing problem was repaired at my house (which I was unaware of until my husband inadvertently mentioned it) is the same day that a full-priced offer for our home arrived. Prior to this we turned down two lower-priced offers from the same buyers. As synchronicity would have it, the plumbing problem was in our Wealth area. Shortly after the repair was complete, our realtor sent along the offer and we agreed to it.


Are You Having Any Fun?

The Children & Joy gua is the area of your home to give extra attention to this month. This is the right-center section of your house, every room in your house, your yard and your workplace or office. This area is opposite the Family gua, which was June’s focus. The quality of the energy of these areas relates to lightening up and bringing more fun and whimsy into your life via your creations. Your creations include your children, any businesses you create, your output, finding your voice, manifesting your dreams, enjoying your retirement and envisioning your future.

The Children and Joy gua is governed by Metal energy. Metal is all metal (gold, silver, bronze, brass, iron, etc.) as well as white and pastel colors, circles, oval and arch shapes, whimsical items and natural items and art with these characteristics.

Actions that you take in the center-right areas of your spaces or activities that tap your creative energy prior to the August 21 new moon will help to adopt a more playful attitude or bring more joy, genuine fun and spontaneity to your life. A lighthearted approach to many things would serve most of us well.

After you’ve completed your adjustments, set an intention for fun, creativity and whimsy with the new moon and solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. You can do this through a mediation, journaling, visualizing the outcome and more. It helps to focus on the result you desire. Skip over “how” things will unfold or happen. This is where people typically get bogged down. If you skip the “how” and stay focused on your desired outcome, things will unfold more quickly for you.


August 7th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses occur in pairs, six months apart. Thus, the August lunar and solar eclipses are energetically linked to the eclipses we had in February. Eclipses have a 60-day energy window beginning 30 days before and running 30 days after.

According to Madeline Gerwick the primary meaning of the August eclipses is unexpected events with friends or groups that may place pressure on relationships. Your health and energy level may also be impacted by the eclipses. It would be smart to get some extra sleep and good take care of your health this month. When making important decisions, make sure you have accurate information and the facts.

A secondary meaning of the August 7th lunar eclipse relates to making decisions and being in charge. Pay attention to events or groups you may be tasked with organizing this month.


Mercury Retrograde August 12th through September 5th

Mercury goes retrograde between eclipses this month, on Saturday, August 12th and continues through September 5th. Mercury retrograde periods are great times to research, reconsider, repair, renovate, restructure, rewrite and redo things. They are not favorable periods to begin important new projects, to sign contracts (including marriage), or purchase electronics. Communications are known for getting mixed up during this period and more accidents tend to happen, due to a miscommunication of sorts. Choosing your activities wisely while steering clear of problem areas will help you to thrive during this cycle.

Read a previous post about Mercury Retrograde cycles:


August 21: New Moon and Solar Eclipse

There’s no escaping it, except by leaving the country. One way or another everyone in the USA will be impacted by the August 21 Solar Eclipse as it directly crosses over the USA. Some areas will be more deeply impacted than others. In the northeast, we’ll

experience partial darkness at the 2:31 pm eclipse time. A wide path from the Northwest through the Southeast USA, will have total darkness.

On a spiritual and energetic level, the August solar eclipse is about change and transformation. Pay more attention to your intuition and deeper wisdom. If you find that more creative solutions and answers are coming to you, tune in. You might be more inclined to act, which would be a good thing.

Here’s what NASA has to say about the August 21 solar eclipse:

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