December 2017 Feng Shui Forecast

  • Dec 3: Full moon, Mercury Retrograde begins
  • Dec 18: New Moon (Sagittarius) … Knowledge Gua
  • Dec 22: Winter Solstice and last day of Mercury Retrograde
  • Dec 23: Winter Mercury turns direct


Tune to November’s Intentions

The energy of the November 18th new moon related to wealth, prosperity and fortunate blessings. If you set intentions, notice how things shift for you beginning with the

December 3 full moon. The new moon is a great time to set intentions which then begin to emerge (or come to light) with the energy of the following full moon.

According to Madeline Gerwick, author of the annual Good Timing Guide, November 10th through December 6th is a very good financial cycle. You might reflect on this 27-day period and give thanks for financial blessings that have come your way.

Twenty-seven is a very favorable feng shui number. Many mantras are repeated 27 times and many cures and adjustments are repeated for 27 days. Twenty-seven is a multiple of three. Three is the most yang number and represents heaven energy. Three times three is nine and nine times three is 27.


December’s Focus is on Self-Knowledge

Woman Meditating MountainThe December 18th new moon in Sagittarius relates to self-discovery and self-development. Ultimately, feng shui is an inner journey. Your outer environment reflects your inner world. The objective is to have beautiful and peaceful inner and outer environments, working in sync with each other, to support you and your endeavors. Disorder and disfunction disrupt the flow of smooth, coherent and abundant energy.

The new moon is Sagittarius is an ideal time to tune into your intuition, pay attention to messages, patterns and signs, identify shifts that you’d like to make, create a list of things you’d love to do, consider your goals for the coming year, make travel plans, sign up for a class, expand your beliefs about what’s possible and genuinely be happy and enjoy the holidays.

If you find that your energy is drained or that you’re supporting everyone else’s dreams while ignoring your own, it’s time to take charge of yourself and bring a better balance to your life. Recently, I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. I mentioned that we missed her at a previous dinner with neighbors. She told me that she had no time to get together due to her four jobs. When I asked her if she enjoyed being so busy, she said no, that even her husband missed her at home. As we spoke, she realized that she had chosen her activities. No one was making her do them. She immediately began to reflect on her choices.

People take on work and activities for many reasons. If you want time to do more things you enjoy, evaluate where your time goes. What can you eliminate so that you can take on something new? The same is true with your space. If your home or workspace is full, one or more belongings needs to be removed to allow new items to come in or new circumstances to emerge.


Notice the Front Left-Corner

The Knowledge area is the front-left corner when your space is divided into a grid of nine areas, like a tic-tac-toe board. Your space is your land, your home or workplace, every room in your home or workplace.

The Knowledge gua is primarily about knowing yourself on the inside. It’s about self-knowledge and self-discovery. You’re a unique being, distinct from everyone around you. What sets you apart and makes you special? Taking some time to reflect on this during December, our season of light, may help you get 2018 off to a very good start.


Ideas to Strengthen the Knowledge Gua

The Knowledge area is energetically governed by the Earth element. Earth is strengthened by Fire and depleted by Metal. Wood energy breaks up the density of the Earth, while Water muddies it. When Earth energy is in balance your space feels comfortable and you feel supported and nurtured.

Adding poinsettia plants or holiday lights are easy ways to “fire up” the Knowledge area of your home. Placing a Christmas tree also brings in vibrant chi. The vitality of the Wood energy adds life and the Fire energy from the lights and dazzling ornaments activates your environment even more.

The Knowledge gua is also known at the Mountain in the I Ching. Visualize a sage or wise person going to a Mountain to clear out mental clutter and mediate to bring more clarity. A mountain image in this area is a good reminder of the deeper meaning of Self-Knowledge. It’s a great area for a library too.

If this area of your home feels crowded, thin things out. Empty space provides opportunity for new ideas and more to emerge.

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