October 2017 Feng Shui Forecast

  • Oct 5 … Full moon
  • Oct 19: New Moon (Libra) … Partnership Area


Tune To Last Month’s Intentions For Health and Well-Being

Autumn TreesWe’re having glorious early autumn days as I write this update. Did you do any clearing related to the Center of your house or set intentions for your health and well-being last month? If so, the October 5th full moon is a reminder to check in and notice what’s occurred.

My husband and I made significant progress emptying the remaining boxes that were sitting in the Center of our home, post-move. Shortly thereafter we began tai chi classes and attended a presentation given by a local holistic healthcare practitioner. The tai chi class is a mix of men and women just like us. Nine participants attended the health presentation. Of these, four were married couples. This was a pleasant surprise. My experience is that presentations of this nature are primarily attended by women. We’re enjoying finding like-minded friends and professionals so easily in our new community.


Strengthen Partnership During October

October 6 through October 18, the two weeks following the full moon, is the best period to clear, clean and energize the Partnership areas of your home and workplace. Doing so will help you bring more balance and harmony to your relationships and life. The Partnership area is the back-right corner of your house, your land, every room in your house, as well as your business, your workspace or wherever you spend a lot of time.

You determine the location of each segment based on how you enter your space.


Clear, Clean and Energize

What do I mean when I say clear, clean and energize? “Clear” is to remove items that you’ve been accumulating yet don’t want, stuff you already have in your space that you don’t use, possessions that have “low” or “no” value to you. These could be paper piles or magazines that have been ignored for periods of time, clothes, toys, sports equipment, kitchen items, hobby-related stuff, you name it. Depending on whether the back-right corner of your space is used often or not, this area might be in great shape or it could be chock-full or even clogged. If the back-right corner of your space is a storage room, I highly recommend that you give it some attention during October.

Next, give the back-right corners a thorough cleaning. A deep fall cleaning would be great, if you have the time. Wash the windows. Vacuum deep into the corners, both low and high. Dust. Wash curtains and fabrics. Clean the floor.

You can energize (activate) your space at the physical as well as subtle energy levels. On the physical level, you might place an object that represents partnership or reminds you of happy relationships. You might also place an object that strengthens Earth energy or balances this area according to the Five Elements.


Balance Using the Five Elements

The Partnership area is represented by the Earth element in the Five Element system. Earth energy is characterized by: yellow, brown and the autumn palette; square shapes; low, flat rectangles; horizontal lines; earthy materials such as cotton and linen; things made from the earth such as pottery, brick and seashells.

The Earth element is strengthened by Fire and depleted by Metal. If the area is too Earthy, Wood energy will deplete or tone it down and Water energy can absorb some of the excess as well.

If your Partnership area is nicely balanced, a photo of two happy people in a square frame could be a supportive item to place in the Partnership area. A pair of red, yellow

or pink candles could work nicely too. A beautiful potted plant might be another great choice. In addition to the Five Element system, pink is the feng shui color for the Partnership area. On the other hand, if you’d like to strengthen your relationship with mom or a mother in your life, a happy photo of that person in the Partnership area would be helpful.

The way you activate each area depends on your objectives or intentions. Pay attention to the end-result you’d like to experience and energize accordingly by placing objects or symbols that represent your desired result. Skip over the “how’s” of your situation … how things will happen or unfold … and focus solely on manifesting your desired result.


Fix Anything that Is Broken

Double-check your plumbing, electric and windows. All should be in proper working order, even if you can’t see it. It wasn’t until my husband and I put our house on the market a few months ago that I realized we had had a leak in outside plumbing for quite some time. My husband mentioned it inadvertently one day. The leak in Partnership was under our deck and hidden from view. It turned out that we had two leaks: one in our Partnership area and the other in our Wealth area. We immediately had them repaired. As synchronicity would have it, the day the repairs were made is the same day we accepted a third offer from our eventual buyers. This happened the ninth day our house was on the market. Things happen quickly when you’re in alignment with what you want.


Additional Aspects of Partnership

Each area in feng shui and the Five Elements is multi-layered. It’s like peeling an onion. As you remove one layer, a deeper layer is revealed. A Five Element chart I composed many years ago includes 35 unique aspects for each of the Five Elements. Some of the categories are: type of energy, related trigram, bagua area, color, shape, direction, family member, emotion, temperament, body part, time of day, sound, personality patterns, preferences, likes, dislikes, fears, related yin and yang organ, tissue and more.

Deeper aspects of the Partnership area involve: relationship with Mother, the Earth trigram, square and/or flat rectangular shapes, SW direction, late summer season, yellow, gold and brown colors, spleen and stomach. The balance of Earth energy can also influence feelings of sympathy, obsession, singing and sighing, being supportive and nurturing (or the opposite: smothering, overprotective, or worried), fearing conflict, preference for a sweet taste, sheep animal, and the planet Saturn, and more.

Earth-related rooms are sitting rooms, bedrooms and porches.


Get Help to Balance the Five Elements

Feng shui is multi-layered and multi-faceted. It can be confusing to learn and apply. Everything relates to the balance of the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The Partnership area is an “Earth” segment. Thus, it is “fed” or strengthened by Fire energy, depleted by Metal, extinguished by Water, and controlled (or managed) by Wood. The size, shape, color, condition, quality, etc. all matter and have an influence on your life. Each object in your space also matters, as everything contains chi or energy. The object itself contains a history or imprint of energy, and this influences your experiences.

If you’d like to understand more about the feng shui or energy of your space and how it relates to what’s happening or what you’d like to have happen in your life, contact Peg Donahue for a consultation on site, via phone or web. In-depth consultations or shorter, topic specific sessions can be arranged.

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